WaterWolf UV Camera | 1.1 Kit

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Water Wolf UV Camera 1.1 Kit is the ultimate underwater camera.

The ultimate underwater camera designed for fishing. Designed and engineered in Denmark Water Wolf cameras have sparked a revolution in understanding how fish behave and react to the lures we present to them with. Water Wolf started out as a hobby project among a group of dedicated anglers – that really wanted to explore and understand more about the way fish react and behave! A love for fishing and engineering, cameras and gadgets. The total waterproofness , long battery life, easy operation, light sensitivity and a discrete presence in the water was really our benchmark.


  • Waterproof to 120m / 390ft, no extra case needed
  • 4 hours recording
  • Attachable to fishing line
  • Used for casting, trolling, float or bottom fishing
  • Anti- wobble retrieve