Thermowave 3in1 Underpants

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Thermowave 3in1 Underpants

THERMOWAVE 3in1 garments are meant for hardhest of hardh weather conditions. Functional polyester (inside) perfectly wicks moisture, and Thermowave Merino wool (outside) insulates heat while letting the skin breathe. Unique knitting technology with the use of a special polyester thred creates air pockets within the layers to give Thermowave 3in1 garments unparalled heat insulting and moisture management traits. Find comfort in the most uncomfortable conditions with 3in1. 


  • Made with triple layer fabric
  • Unique knitting forms diamond-like air pockets to insulate heat better
  • Protects against the cold
  • Does not inhibit movements

Suggested activity: Hunting & fishing.

Composition: 45% Merino wool, 43% polypropylene fabric, 12% polyester.