Sufix Gyro Braid | 135 m | Deep Green

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Sufix Gyro Braid

A multi-purpose Dyneema blend braid that offers a tremendous balance of value and performance. High strength and low stretch in thin diameters.


  • GYRO camo uses advanced dying technology to create a camouflage with different tonal colors that alternate every 20-30 cm
  • This unquestionably breaks up the shape and appearance of the line, helping it to blend in and disappear whatever the surroundings
  • This dependable line fishes well in many fresh water and salt water fishing situations
  • Uses a special GYRO twist fiber process for greater line sensitivity
Model Number Diameter Length Strength Color
GYR135/PVC/DGR/12 0.12 mm 135 m 4.5 kg  Deep Green
GYR135/PVC/DGR/14 0.14 mm 135 m 5.4 kg  Deep Green
GYR135/PVC/DGR/17 0.17 mm 135 m 6.8 kg Deep Green
GYR135/PVC/DGR/21 0.21 mm 135 m 9.10 kg Deep Green
GYR135/PVC/DGR/26 0.26 mm 135 m 11.4 kg Deep Green
GYR135/PVC/DGR/30 0.30 mm 135 m 17 kg Deep Green