STROFT® GTP Type E2 braided Line | 150m | 5.75kg

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Stroft Line GTP Typ E braided multicolor 150m

Fishing Line STROFT GTP Type E:

The "E" in its name refers to "even". Type E is equally as round and durable as the lines of Type R. Main Difference: the single peak-UHMWPE fibres are braided into more strands of lines, compared to Type R for instance. Thus creating a more even surface with smaller dimples. Once you stroke the surface of this line you will confirm that these are barely noticeable. While the line does not achieve an eveness specific to Type S lines – still the undisputed champion in the market – its surface quality reaches levels, far superior to comparable 8x braided lines. (Request a sample free of charge to compare). 

Its smoothness and eveness was achieved by improving the braiding techniques applied in Type R lines, and not through ‚grouting’ or ‚coating’. A method often applied by other manufacturers. As a result, this line is more quiet when casting and during reeling in than R Type lines. In our opinion it is the perfect alternative for anglers looking for an almost noiseless line. Due to the strong braid of this line it is also perfectly possible to build a spliced loop.

Available in colours: Water grey and multicolor (with 1m and 5m markings and a change in color every 10m).

Special Features:

  • Smooth surface
  • Casting properties
  • Suppleness