Storm WildEye Giant Jigging Minnow | 23cm - 28cm | 280g - 398g | 1 Head | 2 Soft Bodies

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WildEye Giant Jigging Minnow

Fishing in fast currents or deep water? What about both? The WildEye Giant Jigging Minnow has been made just for you!

The durable soft PVC body emits strong vibration through its large paddle tail as it rapidly descends to the depths, or sits tight against strong water flow.

The lure is rigged with a large VMC permasteel treble, attached to the head of the lure with Dacron cord which runs through a channel in the dorsal fin. The heavy head comes with three fixed rings for attaching additional weights, rigs, or tow points.

Each pack contains one head, two bodies and a hook assembly.

  • Includes 1 jig head and 2 soft minnow bodies
  • Durable soft plastic with strong paddle tail action
  • Treble assist hook with channel rigging system to secure hook
  • Holographic swimming’ flash foil on head and body
  • Holographic WildEye
  • Hydrodynamic design holds fast in strong current
  • Multiple attachment points for additional rigging options.


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight
WGJM09 Variable 23 cm 280 g
WGJM11 Variable 28 cm 398 g