STORM Kickin Stick Fishing Lure | 12 - 16cm | 19 - 40g | Various Colours

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STORM Kickin Stick

A life-like kicking action due to its segmented swimming body this lure is irresistible to saltwater and freshwater fish. Fished with a slow to medium retrieve you can’t go wrong. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks to back you up. Fish are attracted to this lures rattle, variable depths and detailed color patterns.

  • The ultimate segmented swimming bait
  • Exaggerated kicking action
  • Slow-sinking
  • Rattling
  • Freshwater & Saltwater species
  • Premium VMC® black nickel hooks


Model Body Length Weight
KST12 12cm 19 g
KST16 16cm 40g