STORM Kickin Slab Fishing Lure | 10cm | 32g | Various Colours

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STORM Kickin Slab

This slow-sinking, tail-kicking, durable soft plastic bait is the perfect imitation of a panfish. Fished with a steady slow or fast retrieve this bait swims with a life-like swimming action. Bundle that all up with a red VMC® treble hook, Holographic insert and 3-D eyes plus a polycarbonate lip and this lure is flawless.


  • Segmented body with kicking tail
  • Durable soft plastic body
  • Rigged with a premium red VMC® treble hook
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Holographic insert
  • Holographic 3-D eye
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Slow sinking



Model Running Depth Body Length Weight
KSS04 SlowSinking 10 cm 34 g