STORM Arashi Rattling Minnow Fast Dive Fishing Lure | 11cm | 17g | Various Colours

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Arashi Rattling Minnow

With its unique circuit board lip, the Arashi Minnow kicks into action with the slightest turn of the reel. It swims with a respsonsive, strong rolling action and the right amount of search at higher retrieve speeds.

  • Circuit board lip for responsive action and fast dive
  • Self-tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight
  • Internal long cast mechanism for increased casting distance
  • Multi-ball rattle for added attraction
  • Premium VMC Black Nickel hooks



Model Running Depth Body Length Weight
ARM11 0.6 m 11 cm 17 g
ARM11 0–1.5 m 11 cm 17 g