Rapala Snap Rap Fast Sinking Fishing Lure | 4cm - 8cm | 4g - 24g | Various Colours

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Snap Rap

Designed to be fished with a snap technique, this unique bait will dart fast on a rod snap, the quickly glides back down. The Snap Rap can be fished on hard bottom or in the middle of the water column in deeper water. Durable two part body construction and heavy-duty hooks to handle aggressive predators.


How to fish

The Snap Rap takes the favorable characteristics of traditional ‘ice jigs’ and combines them with the benefits of a casting lure. Designed for cast and retrieve applications, the Snap Rap produces an aggressive darting action with a smooth return glide.

This jig is super long casting and features a durable body construction that makes it ideal for shore based fishing or boat fishing alike; though it still makes for a fantastic ice fishing lure all the same.

The stainless steel construction of Rapala’s Snap Rap makes it an excellent choice for saltwater fishing, as well as fresh, and provides the strength needed for big fish encounters.

The Snap Rap is designed to be fished with the snap retrieve method. Try casting your Snap Rap and then retrieving with a number of fast snaps -of- the -rod, which will create the aggressive darting action. Allow the jig to sink back down with its smooth gliding action and repeat.

  • Unique Body Design
  • Gliding Tail Wing
  • Darting Snap Action
  • Gliding Drop Action
  • Fast Sinking
  • Fixed Nose & Tail Hooks
  • Black Nickel VMC ® Belly Hook



Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
SNR04 Variable 4 cm 4 g One No. 12
SNR06 Variable 6 cm 9 g One No. 8
SNR08 Variable 8 cm 24 g One No. 4
SNR08 Variable 8 cm 24 g

One No. 5