Shimano Kairiki PE VT Mantis Green & Steel Grey 150m

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The new Shimano Kairiki 8 is a renewed 8 carrier braid which is produced in Japan and now features a “VT construction Method” braiding technology. It is a very strong and smooth PE line which is perfect for casting great distances. It is available in diameters from 0.06mm up to 0.42mm with a staggering breaking strength of 46.7kg. It has the perfect properties for spinning in both fresh and saltwater since it is highly sensitive and very smooth, which also results in noise reduction. Also, there will be two extra colors available next to the Mantis Green and Steel Grey, namely a highly visible Yellow and Multi-Color. The Multi-Color is especially interesting for fishing at greater depths. Due to the smoothness and low diameter, Kairiki 8 is a great line for jigging since it has low water resistance and due to the maximum stretch of < 3.0 %, it is very sensitive as well.


Diameter Options: 0.06MM-0.42MM
Made In: Japan
Spool Length Options: 150M-300M
Packaging: Carton Box / Premium Box
Breaking Strength Options: 5.3KG-46.7KG
Material: Pe-Braid (Polyethylene)
Color Options:  Mantis Green & Steel Grey