Shimano Aspire Silk Shock

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Shimano Aspire Silk Shock 

Shimano's new Aspire Silk Shock is the prefect rig and hooklength line for match and coarse anglers. Two things really stand out about Silk Shock, it's low stretch and it's strength to diameter ratio, especially considering the line is marked accurately. Both of these things are sure to put you more fish on the bank. Japanese technology makes it possible to blend unbelievable softness, with the limited stretch in the line, something you may think creates a weak line but not in Silk Shocks line. The line has one of the highest breaking strain to diameter ratings on the market. The low stretch and suppleness within the line gives increased bite detection and the accurate measurements ensure you can be confident you are fishing effectively


Spool length options 50m-150m
Colour options Clear
Diameter options 0.08mm-0.25mm
Breaking Strength options 0.70kg-7.00kg
Material Nylon
Made in Japan
Packaging Carton Box


Item code Description Spool Colour Diameter Breaking strength kg Breaking strength lb
ASSS5008 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.08mm 50m Clear 0.08mm 0.70kg -
ASSS15012 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.12mm 150m Clear 0.12mm 1.70kg -
ASSS15022 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.22mm 150m Clear 0.22mm 5.80kg -
ASSS15020 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.20mm 150m Clear 0.20mm 4.40kg -
ASSS15018 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.18mm 150m Clear 0.18mm 3.60kg -
ASSS15016 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.16mm 150m Clear 0.16mm 3.00kg -
ASSS15014 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.14mm 150m Clear 0.14mm 2.40kg -
ASSS5020 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.20mm 50m Clear 0.20mm 4.40kg -
ASSS15010 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.10mm 150m Clear 0.10mm 1.20kg -
ASSS5010 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.10mm 50m Clear 0.10mm 1.20kg -
ASSS5018 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.18mm 50m Clear 0.18mm 3.60kg -
ASSS5016 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.16mm 50m Clear 0.16mm 3.00kg -
ASSS5014 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.14mm 50m Clear 0,.14mm 2.40kg -
ASSS5012 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.12mm 50m Clear 0.12mm 1.70kg -
ASSS5011 Aspire Silk Shock 50m 0.11mm 50m Clear 0.11mm 1.40kg -
ASSS15025 Aspire Silk Shock 150m 0.25mm 150m Clear 0.25mm 7.00kg -