Savage Gear Finesse HD4 PE Line Grey | 120m - 300m | 0.6mm - 0.33mm | 3.3kg - 23.0kg

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Savage Gear Finesse HD4 PE Line Grey

Savage Gear Finezze HD4 is a high quality PE foam (polyethylene) fiber, with specially designed technology that provides a long-lasting profile in round shape and extraordinary strength for strength and abrasion. This is one of the best wicker wicker shutters that does not bend and cling to the nodes.


  • Length: 120m
  • Plain weave
  • Non-contentious
  • Resistant to high friction
  • Extremely strong
  • Flexibility near zero
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Reinforced Nano Silicone
  • Color: Grey