NEW 2021 SG 3D Smelt Twitch N Roll SR Trolling and Casting Various Colors

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Based on the scan and details from a real Smelt, this hard lure has a super realistic profile and look in the water. The lure swims with an enticing and provoking roll and will dart out to the side when twitched. The horizontal balance and slow rise in the water, provokes the fish to attack the lure hard. Great multi species lure for both trolling and casting. Great for pike, Zander, perch, trout and bass!

3D details

  • Great darting action on twitch
  • Super rolling action
  • Horizontal Balance
  • Slow rising on spin stop
  • 3 super sharp SGY 1X BN trebles #4
  • SR runs 0,5-1,2m
71691 14cm 20g Black silver orange
71692 14cm 20g Blue Silver
71693 14cm 20g Firetiger
71694 14cm 20g Smelt Hotspot
71695 14cm 20g Perch
71696 14cm 20g Ayu
71697 14cm 20g Lemon back flash
71698 14cm 20g Pink silver Orange