NEW 2021 SG 3D Smelt Twitch N Roll MR Lure Classic Wobbling

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Savage Gear 3D Smelt Twitch N Roll MR (Medium Runner) is a lure that you can twitch but still have the classic wobbling action that has worked sense the dawn of times. Twitch N Roll is a floating medium runner that does exactly what you expect it to, long and precise casts, a great wobble and easy to control in the water.

71699 14cm 20g Black silver orange
71700 14cm 20g Blue Silver
71701 14cm 20g Firetiger
71702 14cm 20g Smelt Hotspot
71703 14cm 20g Perch
71704 14cm 20g Ayu
71705 14cm 20g Lemon back flash
71706 14cm 20g Pink silver Orange