Scierra Cated Leader

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Scierra Cated Leader
  • Welded loop in line connection end
  • 30cm of quality nylon in the tippet end
Item No. Size Weight Length Color Density
57977 SH 1.5g 1.52m Light Yellow Float
57978 SH 1.5g 1.52m Clear Sink1
57979 SH 1.5g 1.52m Blue Sink2
57980 SH 1.5g 1.52m Grey Sink3
57981 DH 2.5g 2.74m Light Yellow Float
57982 DH 2.5g 2.74m Clear Sink4
57983 DH 2.5g 2.74m Blue Sink5
57984 DH 2.5g 2.74m Grey Sink6
57985 DH 2.5g 2.74m Black Sink7