Savage Gear Ti-Flex Spinner Bait | 10cm & 12.5cm | Various Colours

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Ti-Flex Spinner baits – is designed with a unique Flexible Titanium arm, combined with a Stainless steel wire main frame – giving superb erratic action and vibration on retrieve. The Oval offset main blade creates great vortex and pulse – giving the Japanese Rolled Silicone skirt incredible life! The Flex arm allows superb hook up rate and pulsing action. The Ti-Flex Spinner baits is made with inspiration from the Bleak, Alburnus Alburnus one of the most important prey fish across Europe.

Superb Spinner baits for most predator fish, Pike, Perch, Bass – you name it!

• Titanium Blade Arm 
• Immediate rotation 
• Tournament 3X jig hook 
• Handmade Rolled skirts 
• 3D details and finish