Savage Gear Switch Blade Minnow

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A Duo action blade lure, with a unique action style. With the snap attached behind the gill the lure will vibrate and flash on the retrieve and glide away from the retrieve line on spin stop. When the snap is attached in the head, the lure will run high like a spoon and glide away from the retrieve line on spin stop. The lure is great to search lure and cast brilliant – can be worked deep or shallow, in rivers, lakes, and even Saltwater. A super Versatile lure, with a very special action that triggers strikes from just about any predator fish. Great for Perch, Pike, Zander, Asp, Trout, and many saltwater species.

  • Long casting
  • Tournament clip-on a double hook
  • Fast change snap
  • 5g Hook #6
  • 11g Hook #4
  • 18g Hook #2
63735 3.8cm 5g Pearl White
63736 3.8cm 5g Green Silver Ayu
63737 3.8cm 5g Olive Smolt
63738 3.8cm 5g Blue Pink Smolt
63739 3.8cm 5g Firetiger Smolt
63740 5cm 11g Pearl White
63741 5cm 11g Green Silver Ayu
63742 5cm 11g Olive Smolt
63743 5cm 11g Blue Pink Smolt
63744 5cm 11g Firetiger Smolt
63745 6cm 18g Pearl White
63746 6cm 18g Green Silver Ayu
63747 6cm 18g Olive Smolt
63748 6cm 18g Blue Pink Smolt
63749 6cm 18g Firetiger Smolt