Savage Gear Cutbait Herring Saltwater Soft Lure | 20cm & 25cm | 270g & 460g | Various Colours

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Cutbait Herring Combo Pack

Cutbait Herring Paddle and Curl tail combo pack. The ever popular Cutbait Herring upgraded with a super Curl tail body, imitating a baby wolfish or burbot – giving the choice of the superb rocking paddle tail or the eely flashing curl tail! The Curl tail can be fished at very slow speed and the Paddle tail is superb for fast current and more active presentation.



49147 20cm 270g Tequila Sunrise (Glow)
49148 20cm 270g Green Glow
49149 20cm 270g Real Herring
49150 20cm 270g Red Fish
49151 20cm 270g Puffin
49152 20cm 270g Mama Rosa (Glow+UV)
49153 20cm 270g Deceiving 3D Burbot (Glow +UV)
49154 20cm 270g Coalfish
49155 25cm 460g Tequila Sunrise (Glow)
49156 25cm 460g Green Glow
49157 25cm 460g Real Herring
49158 25cm 460g Red Fish
49159 25cm 460g Puffin
49160 25cm 460g Mama Rosa (Glow+UV)
49161 25cm 460g Deceiving 3D Burbot (Glow +UV)
49162 25cm 460g Coalfish