Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Pike

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Based on a 3D Scan of a real baby pike with perfect details, Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent! The small jacks are in periods the favorite prey for Big pike and these super realistic lures will be deadly! The lure swims with the most realistic S-curve action, and will sink slowly on spin stop! Designed with our Brilliant Linethru design, the lure will slide up the trace away from the shredding teeth and the Pike cannot use the weight of the big lure to throw the hook.
• 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
• Strike Triggering Scent
• Rattle slot in Paddletail
• Slow sink
• Easy change Line thru a system
• Pre rigged with Carbon49 wire and tournament trebles
• ST36#1BNx2pcs


61788 25cm 110g 01-Striped Pike
61789 25cm 110g 03-Firetiger