NEW 2021 Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Perch Pre-rigged with Carbon49

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The 4th dimension is created with our detailed Photo Chrome skin print and strike
provoking scent! The details are incredible and so lifelike it will be even harder for the
predator fish to resist a full committed attack! Each lure’s color design has been tested
and tuned to perfection and the added DNA scent level will give you the extra edge,
when conditions are though!
The 4D Line Thru Perch is designed with a larger Ø Line thru channel, so it is possible
to change the trace easily. It comes pre-rigged with the Carbon49 wire trace, mounted
with the Line modifier clip. The 4D Perch has enhanced details and a gat slot for scent
pasta or a trout pellet! The perfect, realistic S-curve swimming action combined with
the with the immaculate Photo chrome skin print and Scent, will make an incredible lure
even more effective!
The line thru channel through the nose gives the lure a swimming action very close to
a Real Perch and on those days where the perch is on the Pike and Musky Menu – this
lure will catch a monster!
Weight spike added in the pack.
• 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
• Strike triggering scent
• Gat pellet or rattle slot
• Easy change line Thru system
• Pre-rigged with Carbon49 wire Line Thru modifier rig and red Y-Treble


57420 17cm 63g ss 01-Perch
57421 17cm 63g ss 02-Firetiger
57422 17cm 63g ss 03-Albino
57423 23cm 145g ss 01-Perch
57424 23cm 145g ss 02-Firetiger
57425 23cm 145g ss 03-Albino