Savage Gear 4D Herring Big Shad Fishing Lures

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The 4D Herring Big Shad is a perfect imitation of the Atlantic herring: one the most important prey fish for Nordic big game species like Halibut. Giant cod and coalfish. Superb rocking and lively swimming action both on a steady retrieve and on the drop – produces the perfect escape pattern. tricking even the wariest predator fish to attack. Perfect for jigging and trolling the biggest monsters down there!
• Durable Soft PVC body
• Super detailed lead allows the head
• Nylon Mesh reinforced the tail bridge
• Big Fish Kevlar Stinger
• 4X Strong Forged steel hooks



61956 25cm 300g 1+2pcs Real Herring PHP
61957 25cm 300g 1+2pcs Cod PHP
61958 25cm 300g 1+2pcs Haddock PHP
61959 25cm 300g 1+2pcs Mackerel PHP
61960 25cm 300g 1+2pcs Glow Haddock
61961 32cm 560g 1+1pcs Real Herring PHP
61962 32cm 560g 1+1pcs Cod PHP
61963 32cm 560g 1+1pcs Haddock PHP
61964 32cm 560g 1+1pcs Mackerel PHP
61965 32cm 560g 1+1pcs Glow Haddock