NEW 2021 Savage Gear 4D Herring Big Shad Super Detailed Lead

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The 4D Herring Big Shad is a perfect imitation of the Atlantic herring: one the most important prey fish for Nordic big game species like Halibut. Giant cod and coalfish. Superb rocking and lively swimming action both on steady retrieve and on the drop – produces the perfect escape pattern. tricking even the most wary predator fish to attack. Perfect for jigging and trolling the biggest monsters down there!
  • Durable Soft PVC body
  • Super detailed lead allow head
  • Nylon Mesh reinforced tail bridge
  • Big Fish Kevlar Stinger
  • 4X Strong Forged steel hooks
71901 22cm 200g  Sinking
Real Herring
71902 22cm 200g  Sinking Cod Php
71903 22cm 200g  Sinking Haddock Php
71904 22cm 200g  Sinking Mackerel Php
71905 22cm 200g  Sinking Glow Haddock
71906 22cm 200g  Sinking Green Mackerel
71907 25cm 300g  Sinking Green Mackerel
71908 32cm 560g  Sinking Green Mackerel