Savage Gear 3D Twitch Minnow Fishing Bait

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Based on the scan of a real baby herring. The perfect mini jerk and twitch bait – great flashing action with horizontal balance, suspending on the stop. Long cast system.
• 3D Scanned details
• Great darting jerk action
• Suspending, horizontal balance
• Long cast system
• Ultra-sharp trebles, 6.6cm #8 ST36, 8cm #6 ST36


57372 6.6cm 5g 01-Roach 0.5m
57373 6.6cm 5g 02-Green Silver Ayu 0.5m
57374 6.6cm 5g 03-Perch 0.5m
57375 6.6cm 5g 04-Lemon Back 0.5m
57376 6.6cm 5g 05-Minnow 0.5m
57377 8cm 8.5g 01-Roach 0.7m
57378 8cm 8.5g 02-Green Silver Ayu 0.7m
57379 8cm 8.5g 03-Perch 0.7m
57380 8cm 8.5g 04-Lemon Back 0.7m
57381 8cm 8.5g 05-Minnow 0.7m
62210 6.6cm 5g Olive Smolt 0.5m
62211 6.6cm 5g Blue Pink Smolt 0.5m
62212 6.6cm 5g FT Smolt 0.5m
62213 8cm 8.5g Olive Smolt 0.7m
62214 8cm 8.5g Blue Pink Smolt 0.7m
62215 8cm 8.5g FT Smolt 0.7m