NEW 2021 Savage Gear 3D Pulse Tail Roach 10-13cm Sinking Swimming Lure

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The Pulse Tail Roach is Based on the scan of a real roach, with super realistic
details! The Pulse tail delivers a subtle ultra-realistic action at both slow, medium
and high speed. The lure has a steel rattle chamber built-in the inside harness,
but at steady retrieve the lure is silent – when the lure is twitched it will send out a
provoking and loud clicking sound! The lure sinks and swims on the drop, perfectly
• Built-in Steel Rattle
• Strike Triggering Scent
• Sinking, swimming on the drop
• Inside Hard Foam Harness with steel rattle
• Rattle slot in the Pulse tail
• Ultra-sharp J-hook and removeable belly Y-treble
• 10cm J Hook #1/0 Y-treble #6
• 13cm J Hook #4/0 Y-treble #4

63719 10cm 17.5g 2pcs Roach
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63721 10cm 17.5g 2pcs Firetiger
63722 10cm 17.5g 2pcs Koi
63723 13cm 38.5g 2pcs Roach
63724 13cm 38.5g 2pcs Rudd
63725 13cm 38.5g 2pcs Firetiger
63726 13cm 38.5g 2pcs Koi