NEW 2021 Savage Gear 3D Minnow Diver Ultra sharp trebles

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Based on the 3D scan of the common minnow, one of the most common prey fish across continents. The arched body makes the lure roll and flank in the most enticing way – provoking the predator fish to strike hard. Hard ABS body, with perfectly slow floating density and ultra-sharp trebles. Great for trolling, cast and retrieve in both Stillwater and current.

  • 3D Scanned details.
  • Rolling, flanking action.
  • Slow floating, horizontal balance.
  • Clicking rattle.
  • Ultra sharp trebles, 7.5cm #6 ST36 9.5cm #4 ST36
  • Sink rate: F
57364 7.5cm 9g 01-Minnow
57365 7.5cm 9g 02-Golden Albino
57366 7.5cm 9g 03-Firetiger
57367 7.5cm 9g 04-Ghost Silver
57368 9.5cm 9g 01-Minnow
57369 9.5cm 9g 02-Golden Albino
57370 9.5cm 9g 03-Firetiger
57371 9.5cm 9g 04-Ghost Silver