Ron Thompson Bombarda Ready2Go Floats

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The ready2go system from Ron Thompson, are pre-rigged with quality components. Perfect for presenting bait, micro lures, flies at any depth and distance needed.

  • Slim strong body
  • Pre rigged
  • Soft beads for silent mode
  • Bomba stick included
  • Practical storage sleeve
  • 3 sink rates
Item No. Sink Rate Weight Colour Line Diameter
57862 Float 10g White 0.35mm
57863 Float 15g White 0.35mm
57864 Float 20g White 0.40mm
57865 Float 25g White 0.40mm
57866 Intermediate 10g Mint Blue 0.35mm
57867 Intermediate 15g Mint Blue 0.35mm
57868 Intermediate 20g Mint Blue 0.40mm
57869 Intermediate 25g Mint Blue 0.40mm