Rapala X-RAP 3X Minnow

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Designed to target brutal predators, the X-Rap 3X Minnow is built super tough and equipped with heavy-duty VMC Perma Steel hooks for ultimate durability and performance. The X-Rap® 3X Minnow features an extreme rolling and wobbling action, yet has minimal resistance on the retrieve, making it ideal for high speed presentations. Responds well to twitching. Detailed natural and attractor patterns


• Heavy-duty construction
• Life-Like and Attractor Patterns
• Floating
• X-Rap Finish with Internal Holographic Foil
• Extreme Swimming Action
• Responds Well to Twitching and Jerking
• Heavy-Duty VMC Perma Steel Hooks
• Hand Tuned & Tank Tested 
Model No. Weight Length Running Depth  Hooks 
SXRM10 14g 10cm  1.5m  Two No.4