Rapala X-Rap® Subwalk™ Slow-Sinking Fishing Lure | 9cm - 15cm | 19g - 58g | Various Colours

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X-Rap® Subwalk™

Swimming just below the surface, Walk-The-Dog anglers can use this incredibly effective technique anytime, anywhere. Chop, wind, even rough water can’t stop the X-Rap SubWalk. Unique lateral tail fi n adds extra glide to action.

How to Fish

To get the best action out of your X-Rap SubWalk, use a short and stiff rod. Hard jerks are not needed; fairly short but crisp twitches will get a nice gliding walk-the-dog action going. Let the lure get a little bit of slack line between the twitches to allow it to glide to the side before reeling the line tight for the next twitch. The smaller SubWalks require shorter twitches with faster cadence while the bigger size ones need a little more time between twitches for optimal performance.

The SubWalk 15 is designed to be fished with a 12” leader while the size 9 fishes best without a leader.


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
XRSB09 0-0.6 m 9 cm 19 g No. 3 & 4
XRSB15 0.3-1.2 m 15 cm 58 g No. 2/0 & 1/0