Rapala X-Rap® Jointed Shad Fishing Lure | 13cm | 46g | Various Colours

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X-Rap® Jointed Shad

Savvy anglers turn to the XJS when a slow presentation is key. Built with all the premium qualities of the X-Rap line, its slow, seductive action triggers finicky fish. Neutrally buoyant with a slight rise on pause.

How to Fish

The wild action of X-Rap’s Jointed Shad works great on a steady retrieve; slow and fast, but with near neutral buoyancy allows a wide variety of presentations. Use a slow stop-&-go retrieve to attract cold water predators, employing very long stops if the bite is slow. You can enhance bite detection by sweeping your rod to the side and then (whilst letting the lure rest still) bringing the rod slowly back to pointing towards the lure. Retrieve the slack line slowly as you bring the rod back forward, just keeping the slightest tension on the lure to feel for slight bumps and shy bites.

For a more aggressive approach, reel in faster and use a stop & go retrieve where you jerk the lure with the rod just before a short stop. The jerk followed by a stop will snap the lure sideways and make it an easy target for predators.

  • Jointed Body
  • Internal Textured Finishes
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • Neutrally Buoyant
  • Premium VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
XJS13 1.2-2.4 m 13 cm 46 g Two No. 2/0