Rapala Sportsman's Collar Boots

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Rapala Sportsman's Collar Boots
  • Warm boots for winter fishing from the Finnish company Rapala. 
  • Made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material. Very light, warm and completely waterproof
  • Multilayer synthetic material with the addition of natural sheep wool, which is easily removed and can be washed or dried
  • Thicker felted liner than the Rapala Sportsman's Winter Boots Medium or Rapala Sportsman`s Winter Boots Short models, and also have a protracted cuff that will protect against snow falling into the boot
  •  Tab for easy and quick boot removal
  • One-piece sole with a special non-slip tread for greater stability on snow and ice
  • can be used for fishing or hunting in the cold season at very low temperatures (up to -30 C)
  • Several times lighter than similar shoes made of rubber or PVC
  • Have high thermal insulation since the material itself has a structure that contains a sufficiently large number of microbubbles of air