Rapala Snap Rap Fishing Lure | 4cm - 8cm | 4g - 24g | Various Colours

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Snap RapFeatures:

Designed to be fished with a snap technique, this unique bait will dart fast on a rod snap, the quickly glides back down. The Snap Rap can be fished on hard bottom or in the middle of the water column in deeper water. Durable two part body construction and heavy-duty hooks to handle aggressive predators.

How to Fish

  • Unique Body Design
  • Gliding Tail Wing
  • Darting Snap Action
  • Gliding Drop Action
  • Fast Sinking
  • Fixed Nose & Tail Hooks
  • Black Nickel VMC® Belly Hook


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
SNR04 Variable 4 cm 4 g One No. 12
SNR06 Variable 6 cm 9 g One No. 8
SNR08 Variable 8 cm 24 g One No. 4
SNR08 Variable 8 cm 24 g One No. 5