Rapala Shadow Rap® Lures 7cm 5g

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Designed to perfectly mimic the last struggle of a dying minnow, the Shadow Rap® makes tight turns when twitched, turns to look back and then settles to a head-down position with a quiver before starting a slow fade-away dive on the pause. It can be fished almost in place with short twitches, extending the time the lure spends in the strike zone.


Product Features

  • Responsive, Tight-Turning Jerkbait Action
  • Head-Down Flickering Fade-Away on the Stop
  • Mimics Dying Baitfish
  • Internal Metallic Plating and Natural Scale Pattern
  • Translucent Sides with Holographic Inserts and Bone Pattern
  • Tungsten and Steel Weights for Perfect Balance
  • Black Nickel VMC® Hooks
Model Running Depth Body Length Weight
SDR07 0.7 m 7 cm 5 g