Rapala Rapala Flat Jig® Deep Water Fishing Lure | 4-6cm | 16-34g | Various Colours

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Rapala Flat Jig®

Designed to perform in heavy current conditions and deep water. Thanks to its flat body design and heavy size to weight ratio, Rapala Flat Jig® retains its gliding action even in the most demanding conditions. Dives fast and is responsive and easy to control even in extreme depths. Ideal for ice fishing as well as open water applications.

  • Flat Minnow Body Design
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Long-Gliding Action
  • Designed for Deep Water and Heavy Current
  • UV Coated Back
  • Black Nickel VMC® Hooks


Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
RFJ04 Variable 4 cm 16 g One No. 8
RFJ06 Variable 6 cm 34 g One No. 6