Rapala CountDown Abachi | Various Colors

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The Rapala CountDown Abachi is designed specifically for the Japanese market. Made from tough Abachi wood used in the manufacture of saltwater trolling lures such as CountDown Magnum, the CountDown Abachi is very durable and is 25% heavier than the classic Balsa wood made CountDown. Not only ideal for long and accurate casts, this lure is also fast sinking and great for fast running waters. Comes standard with two VMC® 7554 trebles.

  • Abachi Wood Construction
  • Custom Swimming Action
  • Controlled Depth Technique
  • Sinking
  • VMC® 7554 TI #10 Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
  • 7cm in Size
  • 10g
  • Swimming depth: 1.8m – 2.7m
Model Number Depth Length Weight
CDA07  1.8m -2.7m 7cm 10g