Prologic Wind Blade Bite Indicator

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One more great innovation from Prologic, this visual bite indicator is a real hybrid between swing and hang solutions and it takes into consideration all the situations where side winds push our indicators strongly, creating a lot of disturbance and false detections in our alarms. The aerodynamic shape allows the Wind Blade to easily “cut” the side wind, and the unique system that combines a rubber spacer and a twin internal spring, provides superb stability. The adjustable quick release connection allows you to change the angle of the Wind Blade so you can have perfect line tension – no matter what angle you have placed your rods in

  • Twin spring internal tensioning system
  • Quick release connection
  • Adjustable connection angle
  • Stainless ball line clip
  • Beta light slot
  • Available in blue, green, yellow
  • High grade Aluminium body