Prologic Stiff D-Rig Mirage 3D Cam | 15cm | 22lbs-28lbs | 2pcs

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Another Fantastic hugely successful big fish rig now constructed using our award winning Mimicry 3D hook link. Idea for balanced baits or snowman presentations. The D Ring allows for the hook to turn even quicker optimising hook ups and ease of changing baits. A larger than normal loop is tied into a ring swivel, which aids for greater moment of the rig without spooking wary fish. A proven big fish catcher


  • Mimicry 3D hook link
  • Ring swivel
  • D ring
  • Metallic Ring
  • XC5 Hook
Item No. Length BS Hook PCS
50113 15cm 28lbs XC5 Size 1 2pcs
50114 15cm 28lbs XC5 Size 2 2pcs
50115 15cm  22lbs XC5 Size 3 2pcs
50116 15cm 22lbs XC5 Size 4 2pcs BL
50117 15cm 22lbs XC5 Size 5 2pcs BL