Prologic Steri-7 Xtra High Level Biocidal Wipes | 80pcs

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Prologic Steri-7 Xtra High Level Biocidal Wipes

STERI-7 Xtra for Aquaculture is a range of modern disinfectants and cleaning products developed specifically for aquaculture producers and processors. UK – Bio-security company STERI-7 Worldwide has developed STERI-7 Xtra for Aquaculture use, Independently tested against aquaculture pathogens, the product range provides highly effective products for full hygiene programmes in all fish farming and aquaculture situations. And, has been added to the Defra Aquaculture Disinfectant Listing Scheme CEFA.

  • High power disinfection and sanitising performance with the convenience of a wipe
  • Used on hands it guards against Leptospirosis
  • Safe to be used on any surface including material and may also be used to clean and disinfect cookwear and utensils
  • 80pcs