Prologic SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set

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Elegant and functional, the SNZ range of swingers and hangers register even the smallest of line movements.. Thanks to a new solution on the line clip you are able to use a traditional stainless steel ball line clip if you want your line free to slide or you can semi-fix the line via the lower line clip located beneath. All bobbins bodies are made using high-vis transparent acrylic to aid visual during low light. All the single indicators are sold with a spare head and additional weight, while the 3 and 4 rod set is supplied with an additional all blue bobbins set.


  • Twin line clip system
  • Supplied with spare bobbins
  • Additional weight included
  • Black finish “snake” chain
  • Ultra bright acrylicbodies
  • Can accommodate beta light
  • Hockey stick screw connection
Item No. Description
54390 PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 3 Rods
54392 PL SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 4 Rods