Prologic LM Mimicry Line Aligner Sleeves | M & L |20pcs

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THE ART OF CONCEALMENT Following the great success of our Mimicry 3D camo fishing line we have been working hard during the last 2 years to find the best materials and tools to create the first 3D Camo range of rig bits. After our field test we realized that the Mirage pattern used for our lines was the one with the best concealment properties in any kind of bottom. On this range you will find the most important accessories for any kind of presentation, and some newly designed products which will surprise you for the great functionality and ease to use.


  • Protect knots
  • Produce a neat and protected hook presentation
  • Improve significantly the hook set
  • Adjust the length by trimming sections of the wide end
54414 PL LM Mimicry Line Aligner Sleeves M 20pcs
54415 PL LM Mimicry Line Aligner Sleeves L 20pcs