Prologic Chod-Hinged Stiff Rig STD | 4cm | 20lbs - 25lbs | 3pc

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The New PL Chod rigs have been designed through rigorous testing we have looked at every component to bring you the best to date. Constructed using our new Chod mono which has a truly amazing memory, but remains very easy to use and shape. This is homed to a ring swivel and the New XC8 hooks which have a slightly wider gape and out turned eye which beautifully blends to the curve of a Chod rig which is finished with a small D ring incorporating a rig ring. To give you even more options we have also included a Fluorocarbon Spectrum boom fitted
with a ring swivel at one end and a quick change link at the other, so you also have the option to fish Chods or hinged stiff rigs depending of your environment.


  • New Chod Mono
  • Ring Swivel
  • D ring
  • Metallic ring
  • Fluorocarbon Spectrum boom
  • Quick change link
  • New XC8 Hook
50125 4cm 25lbs XC8 #4 3
50126 4cm 20lbs XC8 #6 3
50127 4cm 20lbs XC8 #8 3
50128 4cm 25lbs XC8 BL #4 3
50129 4cm 20lbs XC8 BL #6 3
50130 4cm 20lbs XC8 BL #8 3