Okuma Safina X-Spin Fishing Spinning Rod | 6-10ft | 1.80m - 3.30m | Various Sizes

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Okuma Safina X-Spin Fishing Spinning Rod 

A new range from Okuma featuring Japanese design with a split handle. These rods are very sensitive yet with a medium to fast action. Suitable for general spinning in all European waters both coast and lake/river spinning. Lengths between 6-10ft and casting weights between 5-50gr will cover the majority of your needs.


  •  24T Carbon construction
  • Japanese split handle - foam/cork
  • Screw down reel seat
  • X-Wrap reinforcement
  • Titanium Oxide guide inserts
Okuma Safina X-Spin H 3.00m 15-50g 24T Carbon 3.00m 1.56m 15-50g
Okuma Safina X-Spin H 3.30m 10-35g 24T Carbon 3.30m 1.72m 10-35g
Okuma Safina X-Spin M 1.80m 10-30g 24T Carbon 1.80m 0.96m 10-30g
Okuma Safina X-Spin MH 2.10m 15-40g 24T Carbon 2.10m 1.12m 15-40g
Okuma Safina X-Spin MH 2.40m 10-36g 24T Carbon 2.40m 1.26m 10-36g
Okuma Safina X-Spin MH 2.70m 10-35g 24T Carbon 2.70m 1.41m 10-35g
Okuma Safina X-Spin ML 2.70m 5-20g 24T Carbon 2.70m 1.41m 5-20g
Okuma Safina X-Spin XH 3.30m 15-50g 24T Carbon 3.30m 1.72m 15-50g