MADCAT Clonk Teaser Fishing Lures

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Clonk teasers with beads. Rattles when lifted. Available in 100, 150, 200 and 250gr and four attractive color combinations. Ready to use. A must-have for clonk fanatics. It can also be used without a clonk, for instance when you spot some catfish on your fishfinder and you don‘t want to disturb them with your clonk. Winner of the EFTTEX 2014 Best New Products Award in the category “Best Metal Lure”.

5812001 100g Red
5812002 100g Yellow
5812003 100g Black
5812004 100g Green
5813001 150g Red
5813002 150g Yellow
5813003 150g Black
5813004 150g Green
5814001 200g Red
5814002 200g Yellow
5814003 200g Black
5814004 200g Green
5815001 250g Red
5815002  250g Yellow
5815003 250g Black
5815004 250g Green