MAD Nano+ Wireless Alarm Set

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Small but finely made! You can´t describe this alarm better. The small item is packed with features. Volume, tone and sensibility can obviously be adjusted. You can even set how long the LED should light up (from 10 to 40 seconds) by pushing the tone (T) button. Of course it features a 1 to 1 transmission and the reach is 100 m. The alarm requires a small photo cell battery (MN21) and thanks to the sophisticated technique it will run for one season in average. LED colours: 3+1 red, yellow, green. 4+1 red, yellow, green, purple.

  • Volume control
  • Tone control
  • Sensibilty control
  • LED light up time control
  • High reach
  • Low battery drain
  • Extremely compact
  • High-impact ABS case
  • Brass thread
  • Receiver with vibration function
  • Alarm & receiver with mute function
  • 1to1 transmission
Item No. Description
52328 Nano Wireless Alarm Set 3 + 1
52329 Nano Wireless Alarm Set 4 + 1