MAD FSX Intelligent Tent Light

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Another cool MAD® idea! At first glance this looks like an ordinary tent light, but it actually is a bivvy lamp and bite alarm receiver in one! Next to a set of six ultra-bright long-life LEDs, there is an adjustable multicolor LED placed in the center. When using our MAD® FSX alarms, the 6 LEDs switch on automatically when- ever the alarm is activated by a running fish! This is not all


  • The multi-color LED in the middle also lights up and corresponds with the color of the bite alarm that has just been activated
  • This way, your tent is illuminated when you have to go out and fight the fish
  • This saves you time when searching for your shoes and opening the tent
  • On top of that, the light is also indicating which one of the rods is having a fish on
  • To increase the battery lifetime, the light switches off automatically
  • The brightness of the LEDs, as well as the time that the light is on after a bite, can be set on the unit
  • The lamp operates on three 1.5 Volt AA batteries (not included)