Kuusamo X-Pro Balance Lure | 5.0 - 7.5cm | Various Colours

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Tasapaino X-Pro 5.0 cm
As the result of extensive product development, Kuusamon Uistin introduced a balance lure with an asymmetric tail plate a few years ago. The tail allows the lure to move in a circle while flashing its sides. This version is ideal for perch, brown trout and rainbow trout.


Tasapaino X-Pro 6.0 cm

For perch and pike-perch. This balance lure features an ingenuous tail plate that gives it a side-rocking swimming action. In addition to moving in circles, the lure flashes its sides like a plug.


Tasapaino X-Pro 7.5 cm 
A true catcher of pike-perch at sea! Also suitable for tricking perch. Can also be used for fishing from a boat.



5.0 cm

6.0 cm

7.5 cm