Imax Flounder Rigs

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Imax Flounder Rigs
  • Made in co-operation with some of EU’s leading saltwater fishing specialists
  • Made super quality hooks, line and accessories
  • 12 Perfect rigs for plaice, Flounder, turbot etc
  • With these rigs you are sure to have success
Item No. Model
42539 Flounder Rig1 Pearl White Bead 2 Hooks#4
42540 Flounder Rig2 White & Red Bead Sp-Blades 2 Hooks#4
42541 Flounder Rig3 Traffic Light 2 Hooks#4
42542 Flounder Rig4 Traffic Light Sp-Blades 2 Hooks#4
42543 Flounder Rig5 Ball Float Sp-Blades 2 Hooks#4