Hansen Stripper Spoons | 5.0 - 8.5cm | 7 - 22g

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The Stripper spoon is a unique designed lure - with an unparalleled catch statistic! The big lively swinging action combined with the unique shaking and vibrating motion leaves no predator uninterested! Turn the stripper around and you have a great “Spoon Spinner” with a deadly action in rivers and streams. The Stripper has become religion and the first choice for many, many serious anglers throughout Northern Europe.


  • New 50mm micro version is superior behind a Bombarda casting float and in P&T trout lakes
  • Comes fitted with doubled forged spilt rings and fine wired Black nickel tournament treble hooks
  • Superb for Seabass and Seatrout
Model Size (cm) Weight (g)
45654 5cm 7g