Hansen Silver Arrow | 9.5 cm & 11 cm

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This sovereign new addition to the Hansen lure arsenal is a slim-lined and elegant sandeel imitation that has been awaited with great excitement. The Silver Arrow is a long-time favourite among Scandinavian coastal fishermen, but it has never been mass produced with perfection – not before now, that is! It has an incredibly life-like and hypnotic action, and with its slim profile it is long-casting beyond what one could ever expect – which means you’ll be able to reach those elusive ‘far-out’ heavy-weight seatrout.

  • Tournament grade treble hooks
  • Double-forged split rings
  • Individual quality inspection
  • Hand-painted garage craft perfection
  • Lead free metal alloy
Item No. Length Weight Colour
42406 9.5 cm 18g Blue Silver
42407 9.5 cm 18g Green Silver Tobis
42409 9.5 cm 18g Red Black
45635 9.5 cm 18g Zulu
45636 9.5 cm 18g Pink Pig
42412 11 cm 24g Blue Silver
42413 11 cm 24g Green Silver Tobis
42415 11 cm 24g Red Black
45637 11 cm 24g Zulu
45638 11 cm 24g Pink Pig