Hansen Pilgrim Spoons | 7.8 - 9.3cm | 22 - 42g

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The Pilgrim is a classically shaped lure that is extremely effective for trout and salmon in Stillwater and rivers alike.


  • The spoon is pressed out of a brass plate, it is then fitted with a scale pattern on the backside and painted with a proven colour combination
  • All lures are mounted with quality stainless split rings and strong Mustad trebles
Model Size (cm Weight (g)
17908 7.8cm 22g
17911 7.8cm 22g
17922 8.9cm 28g
17924 8.9cm 28g
17926 8.9cm 28g
17927 8.9cm 28g
17938 8.9cm 32g
17940 8.9cm 32g
17943 8.9cm 32g
17956 9.3cm 42g
17958 9.3cm 42g