Hansen Flash HD Superb for Seabass And Seatrout Long Casting Lure

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The ever-popular Sand eel imitator Flash Lure - is a real killer for Seatrout and Seabass. The Flash SD is a long casting lure with a wide belly flash action as the name indicates. The Flash SD are made from 314 Stainless steel material .Comes fitted with doubled forged spilt rings and fine wired Black nickel tournament treble hooks. Superb for Seabass and Seatrout.

61555  Green/Silver 16g
61556 Blue/Silver 16g
61557 Olive/Silver 16g
61558 Copper/Silver 16g
61559 Orange/Silver 16g
61560 Black/Silver 16g
61561  Green/Silver 20g
61562 Blue/Silver 20g
61563 Olive/Silver 20g
61564 Copper/Silver 20g
61565 Orange/Silver 20g
61566 Black/Silver 20g